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ralph lauren outlet online uk Once, I was naive to think that you will be my eternal life until later found out that I was wrong, linger in your world , from the beginning to the end , such as fireworks , brilliant so short .

Thoughts of the night , across the lanterns light, is so gentle in bloom. Walk pace , wandering in the darkness on the edge of my lonely figure, as if the night elves , the total in the absence of the corner, danced their own dance. Can anyone hear me sigh , through this barren world , pause direction when you leave , it is the call ralph lauren outlet online uk of my mind a million times , vague and clear floating on wet dreams.

The memory of your face , I could not seem to no longer depict the outline , once the promise has gone with the wind , disappeared leaving no trace of even a little . I know , this page records the time from the moment you turn around , I no power to read .

Flowing night ralph lauren outlet online uk , as always, deep , covered by moonlight streets, sorrow and longing to dance , bathed in my lonely soul. In this way, unconsciously , I caught a sea of ​​memories , long time can not wake up.

If that is opened each time the distance , dilute the traces of love, why when you think , will still be so unforgettable, whether the pain had been too thoroughly , and let the cry of the soul, the eternal imprint on engraved , stubborn wandering in the time of dissection in reluctant to disperse.

Perhaps, there are a lot of things really even time can not restore it ! Such as scars, such as memory , no matter how the years go change, time to go and how to appease , and always will leave clues at the scene. Yes ah ! So much time can be a blessing experience smooth and Taekwondo forget what it really really forgotten ralph lauren outlet online uk , broken mirrors may also be re- fight , the heart of it , then how to go back patchwork initial full , it really needs to go back in time retroactive .

Looking away bustling but brightly lit , ralph lauren outlet online uk lonely feeling came over . Who gave me full of laughter and sweet , and who gave me full of sadness and helplessness. Although , love without waiting skelter world , everyone should take for granted , but , after all, you are not me, why would understand my pain ! When wanton tears in the face, wash off with your stay whisper away all remaining traces of the rest, if only fond of himself.

If you no longer miss the night , who can weave my midnight Youmeng , exiled soul is still wandering in the crowd, repeatedly interpretation of each pass.

In this way, you're gone , leaving only my thoughts hovering in place . You pull back, through my tears hazy , severely injured pierced the sinking heart, let me strength to bear the pain no longer the kind of piercing . I know you will not go back from leave , it will not be remembered , never out of the hands can not hold you , I can only pretended nothing had happened to bless , the tears of grief , leaving no corner of the slowly back into the heart.

Sometimes wondered whether a person is too far away , and forget the direction of the originally selected . Looking back to when the road has long been plagued weeds , leaving only a thin figure alone faintly visible . I know that when thinking begins to solidify , walked to the edge of a step , I could not find the way back , perhaps, this is my own testimony to bury it !

Guo Mao suddenly remembered four words: "memory like pour water in the palm , whether you spread out or clenched , will eventually flow drop by drop from the fingers clean ." Love is it not this happen , whether you how to be careful , it 's still a little bit slowly disappear .

I remember you once said to me , memories are paper money is to pay homage to those who died in the birth. I replied that , since it is paper money , then why bother you treat it as a work of art , every day in my hands intentions to enjoy. In fact , whether you or I can not forget that part of the traces of the past , although you still laugh in front of the public so cheerful, still so proud of the achievements , but this is really what you want to end it , or because and so does the fate and self-imposed exile .

In fact, in a very long period of time , I have been thinking that if I had not encountered her, and now I look like ? Whether , as also those young people dressed like fashion through the streets ?

If we say that you are beautiful , my tears are needed to decorate , then I ask you to put all my thoughts are taken away, I do not want to curl up in a dark corner alone licking the wound !

If we say that in the past the wind , just wandering without direction , I hope , that flows through the cloud , you can take away all my memories, I do not want flowers bloom in every season, accustomed to think of you !

But unfortunately , these only if I am unable to cry after all , is the dream of showing me a few sleeping whisper it to a different kind of way , fixed in my lonely back there .